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Austin Inventors Syndicate is a new networking and mentoring organization for inventors and entrepreneurs, which have a well-established and distinguished history in Austin.

We seeks to “foster entrepreneurship through networking, mentoring and participating in the global economy”. Austin Inventors Syndicate has formalized the mentoring mission with a steady addition of programs that address the critical soft and hard skills needed by entrepreneurs and professionals.  The first step in this direction will be an upcoming Mentoring Roundtable. We will then add Institute Workshops, a Book on getting started, and next year, a Nurture Entrepreneurship initiative.

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Austin Inventors Syndicate has three main objectives:

  • Foster entrepreneurship and nurture invention.
  • Provide a networking platform for its members.
  • Help members integrate with the mainstream community.

Austin Inventors Syndicate respects religious, ethnic and political diversity, and expects the same from its members. Austin Inventors Syndicate does not have any political or religious affiliations. The values and beliefs of Austin Inventors Syndicate reflect the culture and value system of the local community.

  • Entrepreneurship and wealth creation are invaluable human endeavors.
  • Entrepreneurs with roots in the Austin area have a special role to play as a consequence of their unique experiences.
  • Successful entrepreneurs find fulfillment in helping budding entrepreneurs.

Austin Inventors Syndicate takes its responsibilities seriously and has developed a philosophical framework (see below) to guide its actions. Through its words and actions, Austin Inventors Syndicate strives to achieve its stated goals and to stay true to its value system.

Following our guideline and philosophies, Austin Inventors Syndicate will attempt to mobilize the professional community around the common tenet of entrepreneurship. Austin Inventors Syndicate is an inclusive Austin organization and its membership and benefits are available to anyone interested in working with and supporting the entrepreneurial community. Austin Inventors Syndicate will focus its energies on creating business opportunities, maintaining relationships through networking and nurturing entrepreneurship.

Austin Inventors Syndicate Activities

Austin Inventors Syndicate planned activities include monthly meetings and dinner events with nationally acclaimed entrepreneurs and inventors sharing their experiences and wisdom.

  • Formal Dinner Events every 6-8 weeks (with Keynotes and Panels)
  • Monthly Networking meeting (with a hot company presentation)
  • Mentor network
  • Angel forums
  • Resource Center

Where to start?  First check out our Free Inventor Guide.

Austin Community Leadership & Resources

UT Technology Resourcesaustin web designAustinSmallBusinessAnswerstech-co austinlabor laws texas

We are growing our resource list, so if anything missing from this list? Email me at austininventor [at] technologist [dot] com. No guarantee, but we will evaluate.

Ask Me Anything

Texas Invention Help

Work with a designer, develop your concept, and watch as your idea becomes a very real and marketable invention. With easy to use state of the art technology we keep you, the inventor involved during the entire process. Interact with our design team online and over the phone to realize your goals as an inventor. Access your project anytime, 24hrs a day, leave comments and receive alerts on progress as we guide you step by step.

Our Invention Help Services Include:

  • Designer conference calls with pre sketch designs
  • Creative mockups and grayscale 3D designs
  • Full Color and Texture – photo realistic 3D designs
  • Ability to modify designs to inventors complete satisfaction
  • Password protected Online Project Management Platform with 24hr invention access
  • Logo design for branding of an idea or invention
  • Professional Technical writing (description and details for marketing materials and protection process)
  • Technical drawings (line art that displays your idea or invention for marketing and preliminary protection application)
  • Virtual prototype or Animation (moving demonstration of  3d designs, showing moving parts and actions -like a physical prototype on the computer)
  • Proprietary Idea Management System (encrypted webpage with unique and accommodating marketing tools that enable our clients to be proactive when marketing their invention)
  • Patenting Discounts and Free Marketing assistance (For IDS Clients)
  • All designs become the property of the inventor and IDS takes no royalty from the inventor