Our Vision

When I was about 7 years old I was stumbling around on a set of four wheeled roller skates that fastened to my shoes. I could not understand why they didn’t make roller skates like ice skates with a set of wheels down the center.

Well guess what someone did just that and it wasn’t me. Since then I have come up with many other ideas that are now on the market and again I didn’t put them there. This has been a very frustrating experience for me.

Several years ago I developed a plan to assist inventors in the development of their projects. I tried doing all the work internally which was a major undertaking. My goal was to attract investors into various projects and develop them to the market. I was an inventor with no experience in this type of venture but it took less than one month to attract an accountant, a lawyer, an engineer and a marketing person into the organization.

With one ad in a local newspaper we were able to increase our portfolio from 15 projects to 86 in a matter of a month and a half. We were operating in Canada and received new projects from Ontario to BC. and as far away as Pakistan just by word of mouth.

I spent the next ten years both full and part time working at developing new ideas. We refused to charge inventors up front to achieve our goals which often left us cash poor. Although this was not a successful venture for us the knowledge and experience gained has proven to be invaluable in setting up this organization today.

Being an inventor myself I better understand how inventors think and have a greater respect for what they are doing. Also the time I spent with the development of other projects and the experience of working with investors gives me a better understanding how to structure the company for success.

Unfortunately inventors and investors are worlds apart and in most cases find it difficult if not impossible to work together. However once a project is developed past the seed capital stage and the players are in place, capable of producing a finished product to the market, investors are much more willing to invest their money.

At Inventors Syndicate we are bridging the gap between the inventor and the investor. We provide the opportunity for the inventor to develop their project to the production stage. This allows them to present investors with a developed product substantially reducing the risk associated with this type of venture.

For the investor funds are required only when the investment can be secured by inventory. Although this does not completely eliminate the risk it can be reduced to a minimum. By working through Inventors Syndicate investors have the opportunity to select investment opportunities that interest them without feeling pressured by over zealous inventors who can’t wait to get their project on the market.

By working as a team we can

  • Develop new projects
  • Explore new markets around the world
  • Access the finance you require for your project
  • Eliminate the risk
  • Increase your profit

Whether you are an inventor, an investor, an entrepreneur, or seeking a tremendous employment opportunity you have nothing to lose. Join with us today in this new exciting dynamic concept and open your own doorway to the future.