The Win -Win Concept

Have you ever been involved with a service club that has undertaken the building of a new park or sports facility in your area?  Maybe you have seen a local community in your area get together to rebuild a church or community hall. It is amazing how many people have the ability and expertise required to complete the project.

This is the same concept used in developing Austin Inventors Syndicate. There are millions of people throughout the world with tons of experience in every field necessary for the development of new projects. Our goal is to coordinate these individuals and capitalize on their knowledge and experience in the development of new inventions.

Many of these people are willing and able to provide the necessary expertise required to advance ideas from the concept stage right through to production and are willing to offer their services for an interest in the project.

In the early stage of product development the risks can be extremely high, seed capital is very expensive and sometimes impossible to raise. In most cases inventors must sell off everything they own long before they even get to the production stage of the project.

The internet is the most dynamic advancement in communication the world has ever seen.  Used correctly  it allows the ability to research, test market, raise capital, locate working partners, and even market new products.  We believe that internet is the future and Inventors Syndicate can be your doorway to the future.

With the onset of the internet, test marketing your project is no longer a major task. It allows you to target your market early in the development stage and gear the product design as well as the package design to suit your target market.

When venture capital is required for manufacturing and inventory the investor will be more willing to participate in a project where the risk factor is so dramatically reduced and the key players are already in place. Also when the investment is secured by inventory on a product where hands on market research confirms sales volume there is no longer any reason for hesitation on the part of the investor.

Since participants in your project may come from all corners of the world you are no longer limited to local markets or local investors. This will also allow you offer your project to the members and choose the best offer available.

In some cases it may even be possible to sell off marketing rights for one area in order to finance production in other areas.

This win-win concept helps the inventor get his/her product on the market while providing an excellent income opportunity for those who participate.

For those participating in the project this is an excellent opportunity to utilize your talent and expertise and generate additional income far beyond any hourly rate you might receive for your services.

We at Inventors Syndicate intend to practice what we preach. We do not intend to charge for our services.  We believe in our ability to develop projects from the concept to production and make our income from the profits.  We will share in the profits acquiring a very small interest in the various projects usually around two percent to generate our own cash flow.

Our goal is to develop a solid, safe, secure platform for inventors to use when launching their projects.

Do what you enjoy doing

Join an exciting international organization today.  Help someone else develop their project and earn more money than you ever thought possible. There are many significant benefits from this type of venture far beyond the monetary gains you may achieve.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain so why not join our winning team today and open your doorway to the future.