Employment Opportunities

Austin Inventors Syndicate a support organization specializing in the development of new and exciting products from the concept right through to the marketing stage.

We are offering you the opportunity to become involved in the various stages of projects from bookkeeping to project manager and everything in between.

  • The chance of a lifetime
  • Work at what you really enjoy doing.
  • Above average income.
  • Full and part time positions available.
  • Work from your own home
  • Be your own boss
  • Set your own salary

You can participate in various projects in whatever capacity you desire. The best part is that instead of working for an hourly wage you can acquire an interest in the project.

This may seem a little risky to you now but once you realize how the system works I know you will be excited. Let me explain:

We assemble a complete team from our membership capable of developing the project through to completion. No project begins until everyone is in place to accomplish this and a budget has been arranged to cover the development costs. This drastically reduces the risk associated with this type of venture.

By working for a percentage of the profits everyone involved does their best to insure the portion of the project they are working on is done quickly and thoroughly. This helps to increase the profit margin and also greatly reduces the development costs.

When you look at the earning potential from this type of opportunity it is nothing less than phenomenal. For example we have a project where there was a market survey done by a professional market research company:

The sales potential for the product was $64,000,000 over five years. The expected profit for the five years exceeded $8,000,000. If you were to negotiate a mere two percent interest in the project for your services your potential income over the five year period would be $160,000. This would translate into an annual income of $32,000. Not bad for part time work.

Lets say it only took you six months working part time on the project and once the product was on the market your input was no longer required. If you were able to get involved in another project of equal value and generate approximately the same income. Your income from the first project would continue averaging $32,000 per year while you are generating an additional $32,000 in income from the second project.

If over the five year period you were involved in five different projects all of equal value and generating the same income for you each year. Your income from each new project would be added to the income you are already earning from projects you already helped get on the market. Your income would look something like this.

1st year   $32,000   $32,000   $32,000   $32,000   $32,000 1st project income

2nd year                  $32,000   $32,000   $32,000    $32,000  2nd project income

3rd year                                   $32,000   $32,000    $32,000  3rd project income

4th year                                                   $32,000    $32,000  4th project income

5th year                                                                    $32,000  5th project income

total       $32000     $64,000   $96,000    $128,000  $160,000 5year income $480,000

Your total income for the five year period would be $480,000. This example is based on a real project that does exist and the market research figures were as close as could be predicted at the time. However this still is a hypothetical scenario based on the assumption that all of the projects you become involved in are of equal value.

Of course your income would continue for a lot more than five years on most projects. This is not a pyramid scheme but an honest outlook at how you can compound your income by utilizing your talent and expertise to acquire an interest in various projects.

Like I stated before this is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to secure their future and you really can

  • Work at home
  • Set your own hours
  • Pick the type of work you enjoy
  • Even set your own salary

Discover for yourself the tremendous opportunities we have to offer. Join our winning team today and open your own doorway to the future.