Investment Opportunities

As you are aware developing a new product can be very risky but the return on investment is second to none.

What if you could invest in these ventures without all the risk usually associated with this type of investment?

What if your investment was secured with inventory and all the development costs were already covered before any investment was required?

Could you benefit from an organization spanning the globe searching for projects, developing them to the production stage and supplying you information on only the ones that interest you?

Austin Inventors Syndicate

An organization specialized in the development of products from the concept to the production stage.

We have positioned ourselves between the inventor and the investor and take a passive role in the development of most projects. We monitor the progress of each project and insure its marketability long before it is ever presented to investors.

Also investors never need to reveal their identity to the project developers if they do not wish to. This eliminates the pressure associated with this type of venture and allows investors to choose projects they feel comfortable with.

With our unique program we seek investment capital only when the market is proven and the investment can be secured with inventory.

In 1986 the leaders of the G-7 Nations concluded that if they could develop even a small percentage of the ideas in the heads of inventors they could completely eliminate unemployment in the world. We intend to do just that.

Our goal is to develop products to the production stage and present investors like yourself with a solid secure investment opportunity in products ready for the market. By the time you receive information on a project everything will be lined up including production, distribution and sales.

This not only reduces the risk associated with this type of investment but also insures a greater success rate for each projects. This is a win-win opportunity for everyone involved and an excellent opportunity for you to become involved in worthwhile money making ventures.

The internet is exciting new technology still in its infancy . The opportunities are endless and the future is limited only to your imagination. With Inventors Syndicate our imagination is limitless and the possibilities are endless.

We really do take the risk out of this type of investment and you can :

Invest in a new product

Virtually risk free

Discover the tremendous profit potential of these new exciting projects.

Uncover amazing opportunities available to you and start earning the profit you deserve. Join our winning team today and open your own doorway to the future.