This is a very important issue and one that concerns us at Austin Inventors Syndicate as well as you the inventor. I have spent many years working with inventors who have their ideas tucked tightly under their arm and are unwilling to share them with anyone so I can relate very well to this situation.

Also I am an inventor myself and I know how much value is placed on a project you have developed from the concept stage. I can relate to the feelings and emotions when it comes to sharing information about a project.

We intend to go to whatever lengths are necessary to protect your invention and help you feel secure every step of the way. I will be developing some of my own projects through this organization so I am not asking you to do something I am not willing to do myself.

It seems that the world is full of crooks and criminals but that is because you only hear about the bad ones. It is not very often someone gets his name in the news for just being an honest Joe. I know from my involvement with other projects that there are far more good people out there than bad ones.

I can not give you a 100% guarantee that there will never be a project stolen but we will do our best to prevent it. If a project is stolen we will work with the inventor to recover his/her project as well as fight for just compensation from the perpetrator.

There is a much greater chance of recovering your property when you belong to an organization like this one than if you are on your own against the world. Being shut out by an organization as strong and dedicated as this one will be much more devastating than what you can accomplish on your own.

The following are some of the steps we are taking to protect your project as well as insure the success of your project. As we develop, adjustments will be made to meet the demands of the changing times.

Information on members will be kept in our database. Over time their performance will be evaluated and rated based on their performance, credibility as well as reliability.

Anyone who can not be trusted with information on a project or who does not complete the job they undertake will have their membership revoked.

Also we will never ask for any detailed information about your project unless we become directly involved. We only require a brief description of what you are working on and what steps you have completed so we can determine what it will take to complete your project to the production stage.

Anyone interested in your project should provide background information on themselves as well as a list of contacts for you to verify their credibility. We at Inventors Syndicate can provide non-disclosure agreements as well as other some general contract agreements for your benefit. As an inventor you should verify their references for your own satisfaction.

For investors there is nothing worse than being pressured by an over zealous inventor with a half finished project who needs your investment capital in order to develop his/her project.

By working through Inventors Syndicate your identity never need be revealed to those working on a project. We are not interested in charging a finders fee for investment capital as our main objective is to develop successful products to the market and share in the profits.

We will only present investors with solid marketable projects already developed to the production stage and only the type of projects they are interested in. Since we are the only ones making the presentation we will be the only ones with contact information on yourself and this information will be kept on a disk not accessible by anyone.

We will never under any circumstances sell or reveal any information on any of our members except to those working on the various projects and only at the request of those involved.

I intend to make this as secure an operation as physically possible and do what ever it takes to protect our members and their projects. I know you will feel more than secure and comfortable working in this dynamic organization so why not join us in this dynamic new organization today and open your own doorway to the future?