How We Operate

This is your organization. You develop the projects and you keep the profits.

Austin Inventors Syndicate has positioned itself to assist inventors through the early development stage and offer a safe profitable secure environment for the inventor. We have developed a step by step guide to help you bring your project to the point where you are ready for outside assistance. Once you have reached this point you will be required to join as a member of Inventors Syndicate if you wish to work with us in the development of your project.

As a member you will gain access our database enabling you to assemble a team capable of taking your project through to the market. When the team is in place and a proper business plan has been developed we will arrange the investment capital necessary for the success of your project.

Our system is actually quite simple. We have developed a large database of projects, people, manufacturers and marketers throughout the world. When an member wishes to develop a project he/she will access the data base to either locate a project to become involved in or team players able to develop their project. The data base includes inventors with projects, qualified people willing to work on projects on a profit sharing basis, existing businesses looking to expand their product line or increase their market area. Members are free to make whatever arrangements necessary to secure the help they require or the project they wish to become involved in. The process usually ends up with the project being split three ways between the inventor, the team players and the investor. With the right team in place the investor is usually looking for about one third of the project.

Once the team has been assembled and the business plan has been properly prepared Austin Inventors Syndicate will be able to arrange the financing very quickly. We have developed a standard form which will be used to monitor every project we become involved in. This will allow us to foresee anything which might indicate a future problem in the project. Since failure is not an option for any of the projects we undertake we will help guide the management team if necessary in such a way as to eliminate any upcoming situations which could jeopardize the projects success.

Work will begin on a project only after the whole team has been assembled and the financing is in place. Those involved in the project will have the first opportunity to invest before a major investor will be approached. We will monitor the progress of the project and do our best to keep it on track. We will also monitor and record the performance of each member so we will be in position to recommend him/her for future projects.

As projects are developed they are updated in our database where marketing agents and manufacturers around the world will be able to chose these projects for development in their area. We will also include the products on our new product page where they will be available to the millions of people surfing the net looking for something new to purchase. All income from the sale of the products is deposited into the bank account set up for the project.

One of the major benefits of this organization is our ability to protect ourselves from theft and market infringement by others. Working together as a team we will be able to keep others from marketing our products even if we do not hold a patent on our product.

I have been involved in projects too large to trust anyone with. With this concept if we decide to market a product that would normally be bought out and shelved by large corporations no one will have the ability to stop us. In too many cases in the past inventors have been buried by powerful corporations or have been forced to keep their projects off the market because of threats to themselves or their family.

With this organization we have the ability and the opportunity to develop these projects even without the financial backing of the large corporations and government agencies. We can and we will open the doorway of opportunity never before available to us and we will be successful.

This is an exciting new concept which will set the trend for others to follow. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity, join our winning team today and open your own doorway to the future.